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Special Attention to the customers who purchased Newport Plug-in Speaker:

Once you've connected the speaker with your device, if you unplug the speaker from the electrical outlet or move it to another outlet, please reconnect it by Pressing the Power Button to turn it on.  This way, the speaker will automatically reconnect itself.

If you try to reconnect it to your device to turn it on without pressing the power button, the sound will not come out even though the Bluetooth status shows "connected" or the voice prompt says "connected".

After turning on the power of the Newport Plug-In speaker if sound is still not coming out, please reset it entirely by accessing your device's Bluetooth setting to find "FORGET THIS DEVICE". It will automatically enter pairing mode if the speaker is in the "on" state (if the speaker is "off" state, please press the power button after selecting "Forget This Device").




Symptom: Newport Plug-in Speaker is not turning on after plugging in.

Possible problem: The speaker needs a few seconds to boot itself after plugging in.

Solution: Please wait a few seconds (2 - 3 seconds) before pressing the power button to turn it on.


Symptom: My Bluetooth setting shows “connected”, but there is no sound from the speaker.

Possible problem: On a rare occasion, there may be miscommunication between the unit and your connected device.

Solution:  Please access your device's Bluetooth setting to find "Forget This Device" to reset it entirely. Then, restart the pairing process again.

Symptom: Loud hum or buzzing.

Possible problem: There is a ground loop with the AC wiring.

Solution: Please unplug the unit and plug it into a different AC outlet.

Symptom: Interference or static during playback.

Possible problem: It’s too far apart between your device (phone/tablet) and Newport Plug-in Speaker or there is concrete or other building structures (walls) that may interfere with the signal.

Solution: Please make sure that the unit and your connected device are within a close distance (recommended distance is less than 33 feet (or less than 10 meters) at home or office).  Also, please avoid using the speakers near the following:

  • Microwave ovens

  • Cabling and connectors for cable and satellite service

  • Poorly shielded power lines in the wall

  • 4 GHz cordless telephones

  • WiFi router

  • Wireless RF security video camera

  • Wireless Wi-Fi speakers

  • Office lighting (fluorescent lighting)

  • Between concrete or other building structures (walls) that may interfere with the signal


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