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  • Plug-in Bluetooth® Speaker – Designed to directly plug into any electrical outlet and frees up the counter space and provides a much cleaner look in your home and office. Since it plugs directly into the outlet, you will never have to worry about charging your Bluetooth® speaker ever (not to mention, there is no charging cable laying around in your home). Wire-Free / Clutter-Free and Perfect for space saver. Also, it does not block the second plug!

  • Great Design / Great Sound – Industrial design was created in Orange County, California.  We developed a custom made 2” speaker specifically for this compact speaker. We simulated and analyzed the sound for countless hours to fine-tune. The result? You will hear surprisingly loud and yet crisp sound from this compact speaker that is satisfying your ears.

  • Made to Blend in or Stand out – There are 4 different color schemes to choose from. If you prefer a discreet design that matches well with your home decor, there are ones for you. If you prefer a vibrant design that envies your friends and loved ones, there are ones for you too.  

  • Bluetooth® 5.1 – Gives you a long wireless range and multiple connections. Put anywhere in your home without worrying about wireless interference and range. 

  • Party Mode – Connect multiple Newport Plug-in Speakers to experience multi-dimensional audio. Setup is as easy as a few button presses. So go ahead and impress your friends and loved ones with the Party Mode!

  • Built-in USB Type-A Charging Port – Conveniently charge your phone/tablet.  

  • "Always on" and "Auto-Detect" Features – Once the Newport Plug-in Speaker is initially connected, all control is via your connected device. There is no need to physically turn on/off or connect/disconnect on the speaker. It's always on as long as your connected device is within Bluetooth range. Even when you go outside and come back home or office, the speaker will automatically detect and connect your device.


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