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How to add speakers as a party mode

  1. Make sure one of the speakers is connected via Bluetooth. This speaker will be the [main speaker]. The other speaker you want to add to the main speaker does not need to be connected via Bluetooth, but make sure that its power is on.

  2. Press the “Power icon” button for 3 - 5 seconds on the [main speaker] until you hear a voice prompt that says “Broadcast Mode is enabled”. The speaker’s indicator flashes blue color every 5 seconds.

  3. Then, press the “ADD” button for 3 - 5 seconds on [another speaker] until you hear a voice prompt that says “Broadcast Audio is enabled”. The speaker’s indicator turns a solid orange color. This speaker now has become a [secondary speaker] that is connected with the main speaker.

  4. Two speakers play the same source of music as a Party mode.

  5. Unless you manually disable the Party mode, two speakers will remain in Party mode.


If the party mode has failed to enable (orange indicator is flashing), please try the above steps again.


On rare occasions, there is no sound coming out of the secondary speaker after Party mode has been enabled. If that happens, please turn off this secondary speaker, then turn it on again.


If you want to add more speakers, please follow the same steps.

Video Guide Courtesy of Home Theater Fanatics



How to disable Party mode

  1. Manually turn off the main speaker by pressing the “Power” button, disconnect it via your phone's Bluetooth setting, or you may plug the speaker off.

  2. This action will disable the Party mode.



Party mode helpful tips:


  • To ensure party mode is working properly, make sure that the secondary speaker's indicator light stays solid orange.

  • To ensure good audio connectivity between the main speaker and secondary speaker without interference, we recommend the distance to be within 32 feet (or 10 meters) line of sight between the main speaker and secondary speaker. Also, your device and the main speaker should be in close distance.

  • If there is a wall or other structures between the main and secondary speakers, there may be some interference.

  • On rare occasions, the secondary speaker does not produce the sound after leaving it for long extended hours without playing music. When that happens, please power this secondary speaker off and on again. Most of the time, it should resolve the issue

  • There are known things that disrupt Bluetooth connection. Please try to avoid using the speakers near the following:

  1. Microwave ovens

  2. Cabling and connectors for cable and satellite service

  3. Poorly shielded power lines in the wall

  4. 4 GHz cordless telephones

  5. WiFi router

  6. Wireless RF security video camera

  7. Wireless Wi-Fi speakers

  8. Office lighting (fluorescent lighting)


​What is the maximum number of speakers you can add as a party mode?


Technically speaking, you could add 50 speakers so we heard! However, to be perfectly honest with you, we at OC Acoustic never actually tried 50 speakers because it’s not practical for everyday use (we’ve tested 10 speakers at max and it works!). The main point we want to address is that the main speaker and other speakers are recommended to be within 32 feet (or 10 meters) line of sight (If there are walls or structural materials between them, there may be some interference). As long as you maintain this distance, the party mode works normally.

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