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Sound Speakers

OC Acoustic

Our team is a small but talented group of . . .

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audio lovers

Engineering Class

audio industry veterans in acoustics engineering

Sound Equipment

audio manufacturing


We are passionate about bringing good quality audio products at affordable prices.


We are the audio experts.

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OC Acoustic is not just an audio brand, but also a lifestyle brand that creates modern and chic designs in our product lines, an Audio + Lifestyle company! We believe that good industrial design resonates with people in the same way good music resonates with them.

OC Acoustic’s “OC" stands for Orange County, CA USA. This is where we design and tune our speakers. Our goal for OC Acoustic is simple: High Quality Audio. For Any Lifestyle. It's our mission, motto, and business model, all wrapped up in a tidy statement. OC Acoustic is focused on developing products that place equal emphasis on sound quality, aesthetic, and value. 

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Enjoy our first premier product: Newport Plug-in Speaker

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