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Sound Speakers

OC Acoustic

Our team is a small but talented group of . . .

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audio lovers

Engineering Class

audio industry veterans in acoustics engineering

Sound Equipment

audio manufacturing


We are passionate about bringing good quality audio products at affordable prices.


We are the audio experts.

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OC Acoustic is not just an audio brand, but also a lifestyle brand that creates modern and chic designs in our product lines, an Audio + Lifestyle company! We believe that good industrial design resonates with people in the same way good music resonates with them.

OC Acoustic’s “OC” stands for "Overclocking", "Original Content", and "Original Creations". When we design and develop our speakers, we always strive for increasing the performance of every component in the speaker, and being as original as it can be. The result? Our speakers perform louder and naturally sounding better than what one would normally expect from a small speaker. And no other speaker companies match the product design that we created. Overclocking, Original Content and Original Creations are in our DNA.


At OC Acoustic, our mission is to deliver a stylish lifestyle audio product with great sound quality for its size class.

We never overlook these two elements of our products.

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Enjoy our first premier product: Newport Plug-in Speaker

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