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Product Description:


The new style of Bluetooth® Speaker that you never knew you wanted until now!


Many of you have owned at least one portable Bluetooth speaker in your life. It’s a daily or weekly routine for you to charge up the battery for your speakers. You do this because you have no other choice. But with Newport Plug-in Speaker, you will never have to worry about charging the speaker ever! Once you’ve experienced our speaker, it’s so simple and seamless experience in that it will become your favorite Bluetooth speaker for your listening experiences at home or office.


The most convenient Bluetooth® Speaker ever!


Newport Plug-in Speaker is designed to directly plug into any electrical outlet and frees up the counter space and provides a much cleaner look in your home and office.


Also, there is an “always on” feature as long as your connected device is within the Bluetooth range. That means you can always listen to your favorite music and podcast without having to go through Bluetooth connection with your phone. We make it easy for you to enjoy the music. So, go ahead and enjoy Newport Plug-in speaker from a moment you wake up each morning!


Wire-free and Clutter-free, perfect for space saver!


Put away any existing Bluetooth speaker charging cables that are often laying on the floor or couch in your room. You won’t need them anymore! It’s taking up your precious countertop or any available space in the room. Your space in room or office will have a much cleaner look and feel with Newport Plug-in Speaker.


Great industrial design resonates with people in the same way as music does!


Our product concept and industrial design were created in Orange County, California. Yes, you don’t often see the affordable speakers that were originated in the US. It’s a compact and stylish speaker that is functional and easy to use. Minimalist design. Nothing is complicated about it.  


4 different color schemes to choose from


If you prefer a discreet design that matches well with your home decor, there are ones for you. If you prefer a vibrant design that envies your friends and loved ones, there are ones for you too. Made to blend in or stand out!


Put this speaker anywhere in your home and office


In the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, and even the garage wherever you want to enjoy your music. It can also be a good option in the office for your casual listening experience for your favorite songs and podcasts. It looks great and sounds great.

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