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Making Music on the Sales Floor

OC Acoustic Newport Plug-in Speaker is a great solution for anybody who enjoys music, which is, of course, nearly everyone.

And nobody enjoys music more than business owners who understand the benefits of playing music in the background in stores, restaurants, and offices.

Music is an essential factor in improving sales and profitability. As pointed out in an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) study in the U.S., the results “indicated that the classical music influenced shoppers to spend more money.”*

It’s a fact: a good-sounding audio system helps customers enjoy their time in a store, restaurant, gym, or public-accessible office building. The research shows that the customer impression/satisfaction ratio is much higher when consumers are relaxed and in a positive state of mind. When customers feel good, they spend more time and money and are prone to return soon.

However, the challenge for most small business owners is the extraordinary investment in a state-of-the-art custom installed audio system, not the mention the effect on a business’s design aesthetic when unsightly speakers are mounted to a wall, or the hassle of opening walls to update and install wiring and components.

This is why the Newport plug-in speaker from OC Acoustic is a welcome audio solution for business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of streaming music without committing thousands of dollars to an installation that will probably be outdated in a few years.

Our Newport, which sells for $69.95, is a plug-in speaker disappears by plugging into an outlet, flush against the wall. Stream from a phone or tablet to add music that is conducive to the environment and desired mood.

Of course, some spaces require a bigger sound than others. This is where Newport’s “Party Mode” offers a significant advantage over many other speakers. This feature allows the same stream to play through up to 50 Newport speakers, though 2 – 10 cover most retail and restaurant environments.

So, let’s say a store is best outfitted for music with four Newport speakers. The total cost to the owner is $279.80. A fraction of the price of the typical commercial audio installation.

Between its affordability, ease of use, and design aesthetic, Newport is the logical choice for adding music to a small-to-medium size commercial space -- 1500sq.ft ~ 2000sq.ft, depending upon the shape of the room. It’s never been easier to make customers happy while they spend time and money at their favorite stores.

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