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OC Acoustic is a handmade company in every sense of the term.

For all the stories about entrepreneurial efforts that lead to great success, there are just as many supporters behind the scenes who bolstered the effort with sizable investments and a say in the final outcome.

Having an investor or a team of investors isn’t a bad thing as long as the company’s founders are guaranteed the freedom to see the business development process through to its final iteration. But, unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. As it so happens, when a prominent investor lurks in the background, a company’s vision, mission statement, and product development must be signed off on before seeing the light day.

From the beginning of the brand, I knew that for OC Acoustic to take shape, I would need to have the final word no matter who invests a tidy sum in the company. As it so happens, such a caveat ensures that there will be few tidy sums to be had, and that’s fine by me.

I bring a deep background in audio and consumer electronics to this endeavor. However, the inspiration that drove me to develop the Newport came from my wife when I heard her say,

“I wish I did not have to charge this speaker all the time. There are so many charging cables that are lying around on the floor or couch. I wish I could get rid of them.”

Her comments stuck in my mind; in fact, they mirrored my feelings every time I saw speakers and cables scattered about the room. These feelings were the seeds of the Newport Plug-in Speaker.

Now, some people may say this is nothing innovative. What is so special about it? I would say that it may not be innovative or special, but it solves the question of how to add music to a room without increasing clutter. That is why OC Acoustic exists, and we came up with this speaker.

With a sizable investment of my own and a few contributions from friends and family, OC Acoustic and the Newport plug-in speaker went from a simple idea to a full-blown business with no outside influences to muddy the mix. I’m very proud of this company and the purity of our products.

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