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My goal for OC Acoustic is simple: high-quality audio for any lifestyle

It’s our mission, our motto, and our business model, all wrapped up in a tidy statement. OC Acoustic is focused on developing products that place equal emphasis on sound quality, aesthetic, and value. Some audio companies care only about one of these qualities. We aren’t one of those companies.

There are tons of great sounding speakers on the market. But oftentimes, these are only reserved for people who have deep pockets, or little interest in the physical design of the product. But OC Acoustic is committed to developing products that look and sound great, at prices that are within reach of anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet. In other words, nearly everyone.

OC Acoustic’s Newport plug-in speaker is the first of what promises to be an exciting selection of attractive products. In terms of sound quality, we developed a custom-made 2” driver that is optimized for the compact closure that practically disappears in the room, with only great sounding music to indicate that there is a speaker nearby.

In terms of the product design, we carefully analyzed the enclosure size, weight, angle, and shape. If it’s too bulky and heavy, it may topple over. If it’s too small, we won’t achieve a satisfying level of sound quality to please even the most demanding listeners. Then there is the shape of the speaker, which must not block other power outlets when plugged in.

The Newport is the sum total of all these considerations. Over the coming weeks, I will delve into the design, illustrating how we are able to achieve sonic output that rivals speakers commanding significantly higher prices.

As I mentioned earlier, the Newport is designed to be enjoyed by everyone who considers music and information essential to their lives. I look forward to telling the OC Acoustic story and I hope you contribute your thoughts in the comments section below.

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